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Our commitment is not only to quality and discovering new flavors. Our commitment is also with national production and local industries. With the workers of the sea, with the people who work with care so that we can enjoy top quality products almost every day.

We are also committed to the sea and to the fight to preserve the environments on which much of the canning activity in our country depends. We are fully aware of the fragility of coastal or marine ecosystems and we want to actively contribute to preserve them in the best conditions.

The following are the entities with which we collaborate to date. We share very clear objectives and missions with them. We want to create in the future more alliances with which to make known this culture that is so much ours, to help dignify the role of workers in the sector and join forces with those who fight every day for the preservation of our coasts and the marine environment.

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The Fundación para la Pesca y el Marisqueo, Fundamar, is an organization aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the maritime-fishing sector as well as facilitating conditions for equal access to employment and promoting the improvement of the quality of life of professionals in the sector.

Founded in 2010, it integrates companies, workers and unions that are part of the collective of maritime fishing and shellfishing within the Autonomous Community of Galicia in its social and economic facets. It also develops awareness campaigns and projects in the field of occupational health and safety, sustainable fishing and improving the quality of life and recognition of people linked to the maritime-fishing sector.

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Funpromar (Fundación Clúster de Conservación de Productos del Mar), is a non-profit organization whose objective is to contribute to the promotion of the cultural, industrial, artistic and bibliographic heritage of the seafood canning industry in our country.

Among Funpromar's tasks, the management of the Anfaco Museum, a collection integrated in the Consello Galego de Museos since 2010, whose mission is to preserve, research, exhibit and disseminate the history of the industrial canning heritage, stands out.

Funpromar promotes different types of events and activities related to the cultural, industrial, artistic and bibliographic heritage of the seafood processing industry, among others, organizes "industrial tours" in order to promote knowledge and awareness of the urban and industrial landscape and prevent the disappearance or degradation of spaces and the loss of territorial belonging.

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Sereas "the women of the sea", is a platform for the dissemination and visibility of the role of women in the sea-industry sector promoted by Fundamar and Funpromar representing all occupations of the sea and its entire value chain from extraction to the processing of fish and seafood.

Sereas, mermaids in Galician language, has as its main objective to safeguard the memory of work and narrate the history of the sea in a gender key, and to compose stories and female profiles of the female workers of the sea. Women who, like mythological beings, are legends in the popular imagination, because little is known about them due to the lack of studies and references that reflect their true position, their contribution as a substantial part of our tangible and intangible heritage, and fundamental protagonists in the industrial development of the sector.

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Gravity Wave is a social enterprise whose main mission is to involve companies and individuals in cleaning up our seas and oceans. Gravity Wave collaborates with fishermen who use traditional fishing methods to collect plastic from the coasts and the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Gravity Wave then recycles the collected plastic and transforms it into different types of products that have plastic as their main raw material. Gravity Wave collaborates with different European entities and organizations committed to safeguard and protect the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Stripe Climate initiative makes it easy for companies of any size, like Canthynnus, to address climate change by funding carbon removal directly from their websites with just a few clicks and without writing a line of code, directing a fraction of their revenue towards initiatives that permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Since we launched in March 2021, we collaborate with Stripe Climate by dedicating 1% of our turnover to removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

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More than three and a half million people have fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion and two million remain displaced inside the country due to the rapidly deteriorating situation and the military actions carried out by Russia in this country. Canthynnus has collaborated with the Spanish Committee of UNHCR by donating our entire turnover for the month of March of this year to help combat the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine by providing assistance and emergency material. We will continue to collaborate with UNHCR and other NGOs to help all those people who in one way or another suffer in search of a better and more dignified life.


The Spanish Marine Litter Association (AEBAM) was born in 2014 with the aim of constituting an efficient associative framework to contribute to the prevention and reduction of the amount and impact of waste reaching the marine environment. It is a state-wide, non-governmental and non-profit entity dedicated exclusively to the issue of marine litter. The Association carries out various projects of its own or promoted by its associates whose main lines of action are focused on citizen action and volunteering, communication, training and environmental education and, of course, research.