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Much more than canned goods

A multiverse of flavors for building bridges

Canthynnus was born as a project to bring unique Gourmet Canned Fish and Seafood, with the highest quality and elaborated in an artisan and traditional way. But Canthynnus is much more.

We invite you to learn about our way of helping to clean our seas, to discover how we support local culture and build bridges, such as digitalization, so that small producers can reach other audiences and have their necessary generational replacement.

La Conserva, with pride

Our aim was to offer a product of the highest quality and, as it turned out, that was only the beginning.

Canthynnus was born with the purpose of contributing to the perception of canned fish and seafood as a complete and healthy food, full of advantages, accessible and sustainable. An indispensable product of a healthy and balanced diet and very much ours.

It is to make this centenary product a source of pride and national identity that occupies a place of honor in our gastronomy. To vindicate the tradition and history of the people for whom the sea is their means and philosophy of life.

Canthynnus team Gourmet preserves

A Sea of people

Thanks to the people who take care of the Sea.

Canthynnus is an active way to give visibility to the people who work the sea and its canneries, especially women. They have always been the main workforce in the canning industry. That is why we collaborate with associations such as Fundamar, Funpromar and Sereas, Mulleres do Mar, a Galician initiative that aims to safeguard the memory of work and narrate the history of the sea in a gender perspective.

We also support small and medium-sized canneries, key players in the development of many coastal communities in our country and which ensure the continuity of traditional fishing. Thus, by telling their work, their efforts, their history and their culture, we are a loudspeaker for their products and create community. 

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A Sea that needs us

Committed to preserving the sea and giving back part of what it gives us.

We are fully aware of the fragility of marine ecosystems and want to actively contribute to preserve them in the best conditions.

Therefore, with the purchase of each can, we remove plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts. In addition, a percentage of our revenues is allocated to the development of various initiatives and technologies aimed at reducing our carbon footprint.

Cleaning Canthynnus Gourmet Preserves Pure Taste of the Sea

The Collection

The emotion of beauty

The dignity of the sea and its sensitivity have always been essential protagonists of all kinds of arts. And its evocation from illustration, poetry or photography is another of the paths we want to follow to build this universe of preserves, a centenary product full of nuances and sensations. From Canthynnus, we support young artists with a special link to the Sea, making their work visible to enter into the canning culture, connect with their stories and be part of the lives of its people.

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