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Thanks to the Sea

The Sea is the origin of life, an imposing and fascinating space that reminds us how to live, inspires us and connects us with beauty, with taste, with nature, with our memory and the best of being free.

We are grateful to the Sea for being our teacher, our traveling companion and a friend who gives us prosperity, food, health and energy.

We are grateful to the Sea because the Sea is the future, the promise of a better lifestyle, well-being and new possibilities.

We are grateful to the Sea because it reminds us that we are Sea, we are water and salt, that it takes care of us and that taking care of the Sea is taking care of us.

From this gratitude, Canthynnus was born

Canthynnus is a collective tribute to the Sea in the form of a platform for knowledge and responsible trade that connects a selection of local producers to bring their products closer while contributing to the regeneration of the Marine environment and its communities with respect for their tradition and new and innovative circular economies.

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