Our History

The immense pleasure of the little things

We are starting in 2020. A very complicated year for all of us. A year during which our experiences around the table and enjoyment alongside our Families and Friends were drastically limited. The year that the little things helped us endure. In our case it was the canned food.

The preserves helped us to maintain our enthusiasm for discovery and our desire to be surprised. We became aware of the immense variety of products, flavors, origins and producers. Of the possibilities of enjoying products that came from so far away, so different. Products that patiently, almost modestly, were waiting for us in a lost corner of our kitchen. That was the starting point. From that moment on we could not stop.

We discover a very rich environment of people dedicated to the production of canned food, many of them modest people who risk their lives at sea; of canners who innovate with the utmost respect for the product, for the whims of the sea, for the species that are becoming scarce.

We also discover people like us, eager to do something different, with love, care and patience. People who are excited every day so that others can enjoy flavors and sensations, people who help us to enjoy the pleasures in our daily lives. And we decided to do what we had to do, to share it. Share flavors, share experiences, share illusion.

A Project as a tribute to the Sea

As we are grateful to the sea, we put ourselves at its service and that of the people who care for it. We do this by deploying a platform that under strict environmental and quality principles, is a bridge to connect you easily with the best artisan producers of our coasts and with the Sea itself.

A way to celebrate each day around an appetizer of sensations, flavors and stories. From the expert vision of the community that builds us, our purpose is to make you part of our commitment to the care of the marine environment and the enhancement of canned food as a healthy, wholesome and gourmet food.

A multiverse of experiences that renew and grow depending on the season and the whims of the sea that begins with the work of the expert hands of producers and artisans in Galicia, Cantabria or the coasts of Barbate, and whose products, like us, are now placed in your hands. 

Canthynnus team Gourmet preserves


Canthynnus is a collective tribute to the Sea in the form of a platform for knowledge and responsible trade that connects a selection of local producers to bring their products closer while contributing to the regeneration of the Marine environment and its communities with respect for their tradition and new and innovative circular economies.

Lovingly preserved

Web resources_MAR_img_000 Canthynnus Gourmet preserves
Web resources_MAR_img_000 Canthynnus Gourmet preserves