Natural Cockle Preserves

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Giant cockles from the Ría de Noia from the Freixo and Testal fish markets, selected one by one for greater uniformity in cans and individually hand-packed. You can learn more about this spectacular mollusk in the sections below.

Remember that with the purchase of each can of this product you contribute to remove 100g of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts.

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At the foot of the famous Ría de Noia, or further inland, in boats, dozens of shellfish gatherers look for one of the most precious assets of this land: the cockle. This origin guarantees not only a mollusk of the best quality, but also that its capture is carried out in a sustainable way through the traditional arts of Galicia.

Natural Cockles Canthynnus Preserved Gourmet Cockles

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These cockles go through a careful process that begins with a purification in sea water to release the sand they may bring. Once purified, they are cooked, shucked, washed, brined and selected according to their size. The production chain ends when the cannery workers place these pieces one by one in their respective cans and add a broth made with water, salt, onion and bay leaf.

Canthynnus natural cockles Canned gourmet canned cockles


With a can of natural cockles like this one you can prepare a false ceviche with avocado, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, kikos and spicy to taste. You can also fry garlic, pour the broth from the cockles and, when it has reduced, add cooked pasta and, off the heat, these mollusks. You can see that this preserve stands out for its versatility.

Premium natural cockles Canthynnus Preserved gourmet cockles


Canning experts recommend consuming this product within four years from the day of canning, always as preferential consumption. In addition, it is ideal to store the can in a cool, dry place.

Premium natural cockles Canthynnus Preserved gourmet cockles


The characteristic marine intensity of the cockle combines very well with a wine with a saline taste, facing the sea: the manzanilla from Sanlúcar de Barrameda. You can choose a bottle from the winery of your choice in this town of Cádiz, where a drink is produced with its own denomination of origin.

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Additional information

Type of product


Product subtype


Scientific name



Cockles in brine (25/35 OL85)


Galician Rías Gallegas

Net weight


Drained weight


Number of pieces



Berberecho (56,7%), agua (41,7%), sal (1,3%), cebolla (0,1%), limón (0,2%), laurel (<0,1%)


Contains mollusk (cockle), May contain traces of fish and/or crustaceans.

Shelf life

4 years from date of manufacture


RE 1169/2011; Order 15/10/85; Order 06/04/87

Nutritional values

100g net weight

Energy value

328/78 kJ/kcal

Total fat









<35ºC, Lugar seco y fresco, Una vez abierta se recomienda consumir en el día

Preferred consumption

See in the can

Lot No.

See in the can


EN 12.19314/PO CE

4 ratings in Cockles in Natural Sauce

  1. MCattaneo -

    Delicious taste. Impressive quality. Undoubtedly the best I have ever tasted. I will repeat.

  2. Fernando Cañizares Martínez -

    They are delicious. The presentation is wonderful.

  3. Dora Barcenas -

    I didn't want the can to run out! They are very good!

  4. David Bretones -

    When you open the can and see them so tidy, you realize that it is a product treated with care. Extraordinary flavor. Very clean, nothing gives sand.

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