Preserved baby squid in its own ink (baby squid)

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Premium cooked squid, whole, without "feather" and accompanied by a sauce made with ink and natural ingredients. Learn more about this delicious product by scrolling down.

Remember that with the purchase of each can of this product you contribute to remove 100g of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts.

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It is in the Atlantic Ocean, more specifically in the waters of Huelva and northern Morocco, where boats catch these small squid puntillitas by the dozen following traditional fishing methods. This is how they arrive at port and, later, to the factory, so that we can all enjoy these small and delicate morsels full of flavor.

Canthynnus Gourmet Preserves

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The inner shell -also known as "feather"- is manually removed from the baby squid as soon as they arrive at the cannery. They are then subjected to a cooking process and packed in the can. The last step in the production line consists of adding a sauce based on a traditional recipe made with olive oil, onion, red bell pepper, crushed tomato, wine, salt, ink, rice flour and sweet and hot paprika.

Baby squid in its own ink Canthynnus Preserved gourmet canned food


These baby squid in their ink can be eaten as they are, the can itself is a ready to eat dish. However, you can also add the sauce to the fried rice and, when it is ready, put the pieces on top off the heat. If you want something quicker to make, you can put them on top of a bed of mashed potato or with white rice, for example.

Baby squid in its own ink Canthynnus Preserved gourmet canned food


Its shelf life is 4 years from the date of manufacture, however, canning experts advise that, once the product is opened, it should be consumed within 24 hours. The ideal place for storage should be cool, dry and not exceeding 35ºC, without the need for industrial refrigeration.

Baby squid in its own ink Canthynnus Preserved gourmet canned food

Additional information

Type of product


Product subtype


Scientific name

Mastigoteuthis flamea


Squid in its ink RO120

Net weight


Drained weight


Number of pieces

12-14 pcs




Squid (59 %), and ink sauce (41 %) [olive oil (16.2 %), onion (8.7 %), red bell pepper (4.4 %), tomato (3.5 %), wine (0.9 %), salt (0.4 %), ink (0.2 %), flour (0.2 %), paprika (0.11 %)].


Contains mollusc (squid), sulfites (wine). May contain traces of fish and/or crustaceans.

Shelf life

4 years from date of manufacture

Nutritional values

100g net weight

Energy value

1034.14 kJ / 247 Kcal

Total fat

15.6g of which 2g are saturated


9,6g de los cuáles <1g son azúcares






<35ºC, Lugar seco y fresco, Una vez abierta se recomienda consumir en el día

Preferred consumption

See in the can

Lot No.

See in the can


EN 12.19314/PO CE


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