Canned Mussels in Pickled Sauce

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Cooked mussels, fried in olive oil and marinated with escabeche. Selected one by one to guarantee the same caliber and packed by hand. Learn more about this huge preserve by scrolling down to the sections below.

Remember that with the purchase of each can of this product you contribute to remove 100g of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts.

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In these large marine plantations that are the Galician rafts, mussels of the highest quality are cultivated. When the ropes hanging from the wood are well loaded with pieces of the right size, these mollusks are harvested. Specifically those that fill this can come from the Arosa estuary, one of the historical and most recognized areas of collection of this animal.

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Each previously cooked mussel is pre-fried in olive oil, which dehydrates it and gives it more consistency and hardness, qualities that make it easier for the expert hands of the workers who handle them. After that, the flats are manually removed, selected according to their size and packed. Finally, they are bathed in a handmade marinade, which is composed of smoked and spicy paprika from La Vera, fried garlic, black pepper, red wine vinegar, olive oil, cloves and bay leaf.

Canthynnus pickled mussels Canned gourmet canned mussels


To give the shellfish a smoother texture, it is ideal to put it in the refrigerator five minutes before opening the can. In addition, it is recommended to stir the sauce with a fork so that the marinade is more homogeneous. You can eat them as they are or use the marinade to make a mayonnaise, fill an egg and put the mussel on top, for example.

Canthynnus pickled mussels gourmet preserve


Canning experts recommend consuming this product within four years from the day of canning, always as preferential consumption. In addition, it is ideal to store the can in a cool, dry place.

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The best accompaniment for pickled mussels from Galicia is another of the most famous gastronomic products of this northern region: Albariño wine. A white wine with balanced acidity and good complexity, such as Do Ferreiro Cepas Viejas, would go great with the marinated mollusks that come in this can.

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Additional information

Type of product


Product subtype


Scientific name

Mytulis Galloprovincials


Pickled fried mussels (4/6 OL120)

Net weight


Drained weight


Number of pieces



Galician Rías Gallegas


Mejillón (67,8%), Escabeche (32,3%) [Aceite de oliva (69,1%), Vinagre (25%), Pimentón dulce (2,5%), Ajo (2,5%), Pimentón ahumado (0,7%), Clavo (0,1%), Pimienta (0,1%), Laurel (<0,1%)]


Contains mollusks (mussels) and sulfites (vinegar).

Shelf life

4 years from date of manufacture

Nutritional values

100g net weight

Energy value

1048/252 kJ/kcal

Total fat

17.4g, of which 9.5g are saturated.


7,5g de los cuáles <0,5g son azúcares






Conservar en lugar seco y fresco (<35ºC). Una vez abierto el envase, conservar en el frigorífico. Se recomienda consumir en las siguientes 24hrs.

Preferred consumption

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EN 12.19314/PO CE

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  2. MCattaneo -

    Pure butter! Looking forward to tasting and sharing the second can.

  3. Dora Barcenas (verified owner) -

    The best mussels I've ever tasted! I will repeat for sure 🙂 🙂

  4. Fernando Cañizares Martínez (verified owner) -

    First class mussels, they are exquisite.

  5. David Bretones -

    You can tell the difference. The texture and flavor are extraordinary. Bocato di cardinale...

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