Preserved Bluefin Tuna Bones in Olive Oil

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Juicy gourmet canned bluefin tuna morrillos de almadraba in Canthynnus olive oil. One of the most juicy and coveted preserves. Learn more about this delicious and delicate preserve by scrolling down to the lower sections.

Remember that with the purchase of each can of this product you contribute to remove 100g of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts.


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The morrillo is perhaps the most coveted part of a tuna, both for its organoleptic qualities and its small size. Located in the upper part of the head, between the mormo and the tenderloin, the meat of this cut is characterized by its juicy texture and its high level of infiltrated fat. The pieces contained in this Canthynnus conserve come from yellowfin -Thunnusalbacares-caught in Atlantic Ocean waters with purse seine or hoisted nets.

Sea in Canthynnus Gourmet preserves

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The yellowfin tuna arrive at the factory and go to the cutting room, where, among other parts, the main cut of this canned product is extracted: the morrillo. Once the meat is obtained, it is cleaned and subjected to a cooking process with water and salt. When this step is finished, it is cut by hand into pieces of equal size and placed in a glass jar. Finally, a layer of olive oil is added and sterilized.

Canthynnus Tuna Morrillo Gourmet Preserves


If you want to enjoy the juicy texture and intense flavor of the morrillo, it can be eaten directly on a toast with a little caramelized onion. Likewise, this cut of canned tuna is ideal to add to some potatoes aliñás or tomatoes cut in slices and dressed with extra virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar. Or, why not, to a Russian salad, so that the taste of this fish has more presence than usual.


Canthynnus Tuna Morrillo Gourmet Preserves


Its shelf life is 5 years from the date of manufacture, however, canning experts advise that, once the product is opened, it should be consumed within 24 hours. The ideal place for storage should be cool, dry and not exceeding 35ºC, without the need for industrial refrigeration.

Canthynnus Tuna Morrillo Gourmet Preserves


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