Sardines Preserved in Olive Oil

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Gourmet sardines or Xouvas from the Galician coast toasted, hand packed and covered with olive oil. Scroll down to the sections below to learn more about these sardines.

Remember that with the purchase of each can of this product you contribute to remove 100g of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and its coasts.

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The sardine is one of the fish richest in omega-3 fatty acids. These specimens, larger than sardines, are fished following the art of xeito in the Galician coasts and are purchased in the fish markets of Cambados, Vigo and Rianxo, among others. In addition, they are sardines caught at dawn, which is when these fish have a belly emptier of debris and therefore have a higher quality for subsequent canning.

Canned Gourmet Canthynnus

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When the specimens arrive at the factory, the first step is their evisceration, a complete cleaning that is followed by the removal of the head and tail, so that the result is a piece that can be easily consumed. They are then carefully roasted on grills and then passed to the packing area where they are canned one by one according to their size. This is where the dexterity of the packers comes into play, who spray their hands with oil so that, when the fish are touched and placed, they maintain a perfect presentation. Finally, the product is topped off with a layer of olive oil.

Canthynnus Sardines in Olive Oil Canned Gourmet Sardines


These sardines in olive oil look fantastic in classic recipes such as a tomato salad with olives. If you are a snacker, you can prepare a sandwich with several sardines, some piquillo peppers and pickles or a toast with capers. With this preserve you can also make a pâté by mashing the fish with fine herb spread cheese and use the oil to make a homemade mayonnaise.

Canthynnus Sardines in Olive Oil Canned Gourmet Sardines


Its shelf life is 6 years from the date of manufacture, however, canning experts advise that, once the product is opened, it should be consumed within 24 hours. The ideal place for storage should be cool, dry and not exceeding 35ºC, without the need for industrial refrigeration.

Canthynnus Sardines in Olive Oil Canned Gourmet Sardines

Additional information

Type of product

Blue fish

Product subtype


Scientific name

Sardina pilchardus


Sardines AO - RR125

Net weight


Drained weight


Number of pieces





Sardine (69.3%), olive oil (29.2%), salt (1.5%).


Contains fish (sardine). May contain traces of mollusks and/or crustaceans.

Shelf life

6 years from date of manufacture

Nutritional values

100g net weight

Energy value

912/219 kJ/kcal

Total fat

15.3g, of which 2.8g are saturated fats


<0,5g de los cuáles <0,5g son azúcares






<35ºC, Lugar seco y fresco, Una vez abierta se recomienda consumir en el día

Preferred consumption

See in the can

Lot No.

See in the can


EN 12.19314/PO CE


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