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We know this is a very special moment for your company. Canthynnus is your best alternative as a gourmet corporate gift.

We love things well done and every day we strive to give the best service to our clients. Rest assured that we will work on your project as if it were our own. Help us know how to customize the experience your employees or collaborators will receive and make the moment memorable.

We have several customization possibilities. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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Your company will collaborate in the removal of plastics from the Mediterranean Sea.

Committed to the goal of "Plastic Free Oceans".

Canthynnus contributes to the cleanliness of our seas and your company can do it too. For each sale made through our website either individually or through our gift packs or subscriptions, our partner Gravity Wave removes on behalf of Canthynnus between 100gr and 1kg of plastic from the waters and coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Since our birth we have already removed, thanks to the purchases of our customers, more than 400kg. Do you want to help us to continue improving marine ecosystems?

Canthynnus removes plastic from the sea. Canthynnus Gourmet Preserves

Choose from our options or let us advise you.

Choose from our gift packs or configure your box with your favorite gourmet preserves. Surprise with the tastiest and most original gourmet corporate gift and collaborate in the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

Altura experience at Canthynnus Preserves gourmet Joanes de Zapiain 2020 cider in Canthynnus Gourmet preserves

Gourmet Preserves Pack: ALTURA Experience

114,80  VAT inc.
SEA BOX 1 Canthynnus_Classics. Canthynnus Gourmet Preserves pack_01. Canthynnus Gourmet preserves

SEA BOX 1 Gourmet Preserves Pack: Classics

57,00  VAT inc.

Canthynnus Club Subscription

39,90  VAT inc.
every month
Canthynnus gourmet canned food starter pack Vermux2 Canthynnus gourmet canned food starter pack Vermux2

VermuX2 Pack

36,00  VAT inc.

The pleasure of getting together again and sharing

We vindicate the pleasure of getting together again, of keeping the habit of sitting down to enjoy a good conversation with that special person.

Here are some reasons why Canthynnus can be a very special gift:

  • It is surprising and original.
  • It is a way to unite tradition and vanguard.
  • It appeals to retake something that is so much our own: the enjoyment of sharing.
  • Because it is a commitment to the environment.
  • It's a nice way to send your best wishes.
SEA BOX 2 Canthynnus_Tuna Lovers. Canthynnus Gourmet Preserves
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