Canthynnus Gourmet Canned Food Pure Taste of the Sea

The richness of the Sea always with you

Canthynnus is a moment of enjoyment and shared experiences in the form of an appetizer of exquisite canned fish and seafood that you can make your own every month of the year.

Subscribe to the Canthynnus Club and receive every month 4 or 5 exclusive Gourmet Preserves for only 39,90€ per month. Become part of a Community committed to the care of the Sea and its people.


It is very easy to

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Canthynnus Preserves gourmet gift Pure Taste of the Sea

Reasons to join the Club

  • Our selection of producers
  • We are specialists in choosing the right product
  • Early access to promotions and new canned goods
  • Better prices than on the web
  • You contribute to clean the sea and its coasts.
  • You receive it at home and in optimal conditions.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time
  • You will receive a "canned" surprise each month
Angulas in Olive Oil Canthynnus Preserved Gourmet Canned Food

We solve your doubts

Here you have the answer to some frequently asked questions just by clicking here. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Other forms of subscription

Choose the plan that best suits your possibilities

While you decide on your monthly subscription you have other plans to try Canthynnus. It can also be an original gift to surprise your loved ones.

CANTHYNNUS SUBSCRIPTIONS 2 MONTHS Canthynnus Gourmet preserves

2 months of Canthynnus

48,50  VAT inc.
every month
CANTHYNNUS SUBSCRIPTIONS 3 MONTHS Canthynnus Gourmet canned food

3 months of Canthynnus

47,25  VAT inc.
every month
CANTHYNNUS SUBSCRIPTIONS 4 MONTHS Canthynnus Gourmet canned food

4 months of Canthynnus

45,75  VAT inc.
every month
CANTHYNNUS SUBSCRIPTIONS 5 MONTHS Canthynnus Gourmet preserves

5 months of Canthynnus

44,00  VAT inc.
every month
CANTHYNNUS SUBSCRIPTIONS 6 MONTHS Canthynnus Gourmet preserves

6 months of Canthynnus

42,00  VAT inc.
every month

We hope you will try the Canthynnus experience and we encourage you to subscribe to receive new surprises every month in the form of Gourmet Canned Fish and Seafood Preserves full of Pure Taste of the Sea.

Remember that with every sale from Canthynnus we contribute to improve the state of our seas. Thanks to the purchases of users like you, Canthynnus contributes to the cleanliness of the Mediterranean. Do you join our initiative?